February 28, 2007

Vocal Section No. 1

Files V001-V048

Vocal Section No. 2

Files V048-V107

Vocal Section No. 3

Files V108-V172

UPDATE: 14 January 2008

The Symphonic Choir and the David Basch French Horn Collection have been uploaded to the Arts Ensemble Library Online, which brings the total number of files on this website to over 2,800.

More importantly, all the major sections have now been uploaded and the Arts Ensemble Library Online project is for the most part a ready and complete product accurately detailing the music of the Library.

In the remaining months of the Spring semester, there will be a sorting of our large collection of LPs to determine which ones may go on sale. The remaining ones will then be uploaded to the website. Also, there is a small of reference books on music theory, music history, sight-singing and opera which will be uploaded shortly.

Vocal Section No. 4

Files V173-V226


The Arts Ensemble Library will be open 10:30-11:30am on Wednesdays, and other times by appointment (email afilmer@iusb.edu).


The wind ensemble section is the last remaining major section to be uploaded to the website (not taking into account our reference section). It is hoped that the materials will be uploaded by the end of the Fall semester; however, as the webmaster is currently occupied in preparations for a new website for the Raclin School of the Arts, this may be delayed.

Vocal Section No. 5

Files V226-V253

Vocal Section No. 6

Files V256-V296

Vocal Section No. 7

Files V296-V327

Vocal Section No. 8

Files V327-V357

Vocal Section No. 9

Files V358-V399

Vocal Section No. 10

Files V400-V442

Vocal Section No. 11

Files V443-V483

Vocal Section No. 12

Files V484-V518

Vocal Section No. 13

Files V518-V583

Vocal Section No. 14

The first of three shelves housing choral selections (labelled X) which include large and multiple numbers of sheet music.

Vocal Section No. 15

The second of three shelves housing choral selections (labelled X) which include large and multiple numbers of sheet music.

Vocal Section No. 16

The third of three shelves housing choral selections (labelled X) which include large and multiple numbers of sheet music.

Vocal Section No. 17

This shelf houses, among other things, the Library's selections of piano-vocal material.

UPDATE: APRIL 29, 2007

The symphonic section of the Arts Ensemble Library Online is complete. All symphonic files that are housed in the Arts Ensemble Library are listed on this website.

The manual file catalogs for the Jazz section in the Arts Ensemble Library are complete, and the final two catalogs (for Winds and Vocal files) are currently being updated. For the next two weeks, these catalogs may not be available for use, and those requiring materials from these sections should contact the Manager at afilmer@iusb.edu.

During the summer, the Arts Ensemble Library will not be staffed; however, materials from the library can be acquired via a member of the music faculty at the Raclin School of the Arts. This website will continue to be updated via the uploading of files. The original plan of uploading the Jazz section has been changed; it has been decided that the Vocal section will be uploaded first, as it services both the University Vocal Ensemble as well as the Symphonic Choir, in addition to affiliated vocal groups from the area.

The Jazz Section

The Jazz Section

Winds Section No. 1

Winds Section 1: W001-W225

Winds Section No. 2

Winds Section 2: W226-W427

Winds Section Extension

Winds Section Extension: W428 onwards

Note: This area is shared with music of the South Bend Youth Symphony Orchestras.

Music of the South Bend Youth Symphony Orchestras

The music of the South Bend Youth Symphony Orchestras
Files under Y are symphonic, files under Z are chamber works.

Note: This area is shared with music from the Winds Section, under W.

The David Basch French Horn Music Collection and the Assorted Music Collection

The David Basch French Horn Music Collection

with the Assorted Solo Music Collection

UPDATE: May 31, 2007

The files from the Vocal section are in the process of being uploaded. Currently, the maps for each of the shelves in this section have been uploaded, and all of the maps can be viewed via the tap Maps in the side bar to the right. The earlier Symphonic maps have been rearranged along with the new Vocal maps to provide a better flow from map to map.

Currently the library is also handling some rewriting of score material outside of this website project.

Also, the dates previously published with file numbers have been minimized with just a statement of the day instead, which is meant to add clarity to the site.

Symphonic Choir Section No. 1

Symphonic Choir Section No. 1

Symphonic Choir Section No. 2

Symphonic Choir Section No. 2

Reference Section 1

Reference Section 1
Music textbooks and anthologies, library catalogs

Reference Section 2

Reference Section 2
The Esselstrom Score Collection
Orchestra (Symphonic) Scores

Reference Section 3

Reference Section 3
The Esselstrom Score Collection
Orchestral scores of works for vocal-orchestra, including cantatas, masses, and operas.
Note: For piano-vocal or choral sheet music, look in the Vocal Section.

Reference Section 4

Reference Section 4
Additional Reference Materials

LP Piano Section

LP Piano Recordings

A small number of harpsichord and organ recordings are also available.

Recordings are organized alphabetically by composer. The works of each composer are organized in the same manner as the score collection i.e. by genre eg. concerto. sonata, symphony.

LP Collection: Various

LP Collection: Various

This section contains:
LP Recordings for Music History (LP.H)
LP Recordings for Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello (LP.S)
LP Recordings for Ethnic Music (LP.E)
LP Recordings for Chamber Music (LP.C)
LP Recordings for Classical Solo Instrumental Music (LP.I)
Permanent LP Collection

All recordings with the exception of the Permanent LP Collection are available for loan by faculty and graduate students. Undergraduate students may also loan materials under the approval of faculty.

UPDATE: July 6, 2007

The Jazz Section (with the exception of 12 files which require checking in the Fall), has been uploaded to this website. Thus, the Symphonic, Vocal and Jazz sections are now operational.

The final major section of music for wind ensemble, will be uploaded in the Fall as the manual catalog after cross reference checking with the files on the shelves. This basically means ensuring every file on the shelves are listed in the manual card catalog, and all the files in the catalog are found on the shelves. This is an extensive process that each section of the Arts Ensemble Library goes through prior to being uploaded to this website
to ensure that the website is accurate.

For now, materials from the South Bend Symphony Orchestra collection, which is housed in the Arts Ensemble Library, as well as our small collection of instrumental works, will be uploaded.

UPDATE: June 29, 2007

The Arts Ensemble Library now hosts its Choral Section on this website, minus some 60 files which require some checking in the Fall before being uploaded.

Thus, this website now contains the symphonic and choral repertoire. Like the symphonic repertoire, the choral repertoire includes maps, and will also include pictures of the areas of the library in the Fall.

In addition, and as may be noted above, some additional links and posts have been added to help the process of searching for files.

UPDATE: MARCH 25, 2007

1. The Symphonic catalog from N to Z has been successfully uploaded.

A couple additional points of note:

2. The maps available on this site are included for use of the Raclin School of the Arts music faculty who have access to the library housed in the Arts Office.

3. For others who require materials for reference, contact the Manager at afilmer@iusb.edu.

4. The label of "urtext" is assumed as default for contemporary and pop works; otherwise the name of an arranger will be posted.

UPDATE: MARCH 17, 2007

Arts Ensemble Library Online is now linked to the Schurz Library website, under Music as well as Fine Arts of Reference and Research. Many thanks to Director of Library Services Michele Russso, and Alison Stankrauff, as well as Assoc. Prof. Dr Kolt in making this link possible.

Currently, the Symphonic Section of the Library is being uploaded, and is expected to be completed by the end of March 2007. The manual catalog of the Jazz section is currently being updated and checked, after which it will be next in line to be placed online.

February 27, 2007

UPDATE: 10 October 2007

All four major sections of the Arts Ensemble Library housing sheet music: Symphonic, Vocal, Jazz, and Winds, have been uploaded to this website. This encompasses approximately two thousand titles from the Rennaisance to the present day.

There are still some files which require some updating before being uploaded, and which should be completed within the next couple of weeks. After which, the Reference Section, which houses a collection of conductor's scores donated by Michael Esselstrom, will be uploaded.

OCTOBER 19: All files from the main sections (Symphonic, Vocal, Winds, Jazz) have been updated and uploaded.

UPDATE: 16 December 2007

1. The Arts Ensemble Library Online, complete with a new web design, now contains over 2,400 files.It houses all the main sections: Symphonic, Vocal, Winds, Jazz. The website also contains the collection of the South Bend Youth Symphony Orchestra housed in our Library, and the Michael J. Esselstrom Score Collection.

2. The next sections to be uploaded are the Symphonic Choir section, the David Basch French Horn Collection, and piano-vocal music.

3. New troubleshooting aids have been placed on the website.