March 1, 2007

Obtaining a File

Each file posting will provide various details about the selection, including composer, title and number of copies (if relevant).

Each file will also include the location of the file in red (in the example above, Vocal Section No. 4) - which acts also as a link to a map detailling the area in which that file is stored in the Arts Ensemble Library. To return to the main page, click on the main title i.e. "arts ensemble library online".

If you are a member of the music faculty, it is possible for you to take out the materials required directly with your own key access. Alternatively (and for faculty of the School of the Arts without key access) you can contact the Manager of the Library to send it to you. Graduate music students may have some access to the materials in the Library when it relates to a project or academic requirement. Other students can access the library by first contacting a member of the music faculty if a selection is required for an academic course related to the field, and then contacting the Manager of the Library at .

At all times and for all who require materials, please register all loans by filling out a loan form located on the door of Entrance No. 1 and placing it on the Manager's desk or in the mailbox of the Manager at the School of the Arts. If not, selections may be deemed as missing and be reordered at cost to the Arts programs.