March 1, 2007


Each posting has at least one label which helps to place music into categories - first the genre (symphonic, vocal, winds, jazz, etc.), then the period of composition, then further details that relate specifically to a genre or work, such as whether a symphonic work is in urtext edition or if a solo vocal work is in a piano-vocal arrangement.

The labels are in the side bar to the right, with the number of selections under that category in parantheses. Clicking on a selected label will open a new page showing all the works within that category. If there are many works under a selection, at the bottom of the page there may be an additional link, "Older Posts" which will bring up further selections from that category. For the major genre selections (Symphonic, Vocal, etc.). they will be listed in alphabetical order. For other labels, they will be listed first by genre and within each genre, alphabetically ordered.