March 1, 2007

Troubleshooting: Browsing

There are a few ways to browse through files:

1. Using Labels

Labels are useful in organizing music into different areas. Some labels indicate areas of the library, such as Winds, Vocal labels. Others, like Chamber Music indicate instrumentation, and others still like Baroque separate files according to compositional era.

An important thing to note is that files are uploaded by area, and not by these secondary labels. Thus, if you are browsing via a secondary categorization such as Strings, you will have to view the files by major section, i.e. the music for strings in the SBYSO section first (as it was uploaded later), followed by string music in the Symphonic section.

Simply put, areas of the library can be viewed in entirely alphabetical order. Other categorizations are still organized by area.

Click on this link for an overview of using labels.

Here are some specific complications in regards to labels:

URTEXT as a label refers to original, unaltered material from the Symphonic and SBYSO sections only. However, chamber music may include mention of urtext within the file, if not as a label.
: Some genres/labels automatically incorporate other classifications - for example, musicals will necessarily be contemporary, and thus would be listed only under "Musical". On the other hand, music that is originally in the form of folk tunes and harmonized later on will be listed as "Traditional".

2. Using the Search Engine

The search engine in the upper left hand corner of any page on this website is a helpful tool not only for looking for a particular file or title, but also in searching for files in a different category (such as a specific publisher like Schirmer) which is not available in the labels. Remember that again that the files in the search results will be organized by section.

Click on this link for on overview on using the Blogger search engine.

Click on this link for some potentially tricky areas in searching for files.

3. Should I use the Archive?

Posts are archived by Blogger into months and years. This is primarily a tool for the Manager of the Arts Ensemble Library in uploading files in proper order by adjusting the time stamp of the posts. The best ways to browse would be the labels and search engine.