February 28, 2009

The David Basch French Horn Music Collection

The Arts Ensemble Library hosts a collection of music for French Horn donated by the widow of David Basch, a former faculty member of IUSB who taught the instrument.

As the main dedicated collection of music towards one instrument in the Arts Ensemble Library, and considering that it a fixed section, it is organized slightly differently compared to music for the university music ensembles.

There are two main sections. The first is of music placed in the same fashion as conductors' scores in the Reference Section. The second comprises music placed in folders, in most part due to the availability of multiple copies or multiple editions.

In each of these sections, the music is ordered with solo works first, and chamber music second. In this regard, the ordering is not completely alphabetical, but rather alphabetical per section. In the first section, there is the additional of method books. In the second section there is an additional selection of orchestral excerpts for French Horn, which are not listed here.