February 28, 2009

Vocal Selections

Vocal selections in the Arts Ensemble Library are available in two main areas: the Vocal Section and the the Symphonic Choir Section. The Vocal Section is intended for the vocal ensembles of the School of the Arts, and also includes a subsection of Piano-Vocal music which is primarily piano reductions of major vocal solo works. The Symphonic Choir Section primarily houses non-classical works, as well as a smaller number of classical standards.

Full scores of vocal-orchestra works are available in the later half of the Esselstrom Score Collection; alternatively they can be sourced through the "Opera" label alongside the small number of piano-vocal selections.

As with symphonic selections, the use of the chronological labels (Rennaisance, Baroque, etc.) are available, though the use of the link "Older Links" may be necessary to skip through more recently uploaded sections. The use of the search engine in the upper left hand corner is an alternative option.