February 28, 2009

Symphonic Selections

Symphonic selections are available in the Art Ensemble Library's Symphonic Section as well as the collection of music of the South Bend Youth Symphony Orchestras.

The Symphonic Section is intended for use of the IUSB Philharmonic and other symphonic ensembles. Repertoire in this section ranges from music for small string orchestras to full operas.

The music in the SBYSO Section is owned by the South Bend Symphony Orchestras and hosted in by the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts. It is divided into two subsections: symphonic works and chamber music.

Full scores of symphonic works are available separately in the Esselstrom Score Collection.

To facilitate the specific needs of classical instrumental music, direct links have been made available to browse through music. Chronological labels are available for each of the major periods of music, as well as a separation of urtext and genre selections. Selections are ordered alphabetically and the use of the link "Older Posts" will lead to the next page of items. However, these selections are arranged first by section. Thus a search for Romantic-era music will first produce results in the Assorted Solo Music Collection, the Basch French Horn Collection, etc. before reaching symphonic selections. If this process proves too time-consuming, please try out the search engine in the upper left hand corner for more direct sourcing of materials.